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The initial consultation allows me to understand the essence of your brand’s story and ethos which then helps me in the process of design. Using a massage ‘mood board’ I incorporate these elements into the various massage techniques creating a signature massage with the aim of being equally engaging, interesting and rewarding to both the therapist and the client.

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The training includes provision of the Story Board Manual and a training video for ongoing training and reference.
I collaborate with a professional filming and editing company to produce high quality videos, with graphics overlaid where necessary, to reinforce the training process.
I also provide in-house training days, where the focus is on creating both a supportive and inspiring environment for your therapy team.

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I appreciate the importance of both monitoring and maintaining the quality of the treatment promise we jointly make to the client.
Regular on-site visits enable me to re-engage with your team of therapists and also refresh and update the treatment where necessary.
In addition, I can provide a promotional video for your Signature Massage which can be played on a loop in the Spa Reception.

Call: 023 8244 0740

Call: 023 8244 0740

Call: 023 8244

Massage Architect is a trading name of
‘Target Health Group Ltd’
Registered Office: Lower Ground Floor, 76 Bedford Place, Southampton, SO15 2DF
023 8244 0740